Open page with record selected

Hello all!

I’m newbie in business central.
I have created a new page and I want to open it with the record selected from another page.
I did an action in Navigation menu within an extension of page 143 (Posted Sales Invoice).
This action opens my page but always take the first record of the table “Sales Invoice Header”.
That I’m looking for is to open my page with the record selected.

Here we can see the action added.

This is the code that call my page.

As you can see I have selected the invoice “103005” but the page opened shows the invoice “103002”

Thanks to all, I really apreciate your ideas or your opinions.

Best regards!

You are running an object without any kind of filtering.

Hint: Take a look at Customer List Page and how it opens the Customer Card Page… if you after looking at these two pages still finds a solution - Then attend a Training Course. It will move your skills AL in speed of light.