Open Navision with Windows Batch Job

Hi Folks,
Hope one of you could help with this.
I need to write a batch job in Windows, A .bat file, the purpose is to put this in to the windows scheduler to run every night. I need the batch file to call Navision (Open the database) and run a process only report.
Now, we don’t have the Job module purchased and the client is on 3.7 version. So I’m trying to find an alternative way to set up the report to run automatically every night. Perhaps you may suggest a better solution.
Please help.

Visit this site. They sell a program that will let you fire navision objects via command line.
You can create batch files in NT and then run the batch file using scheduler.

Hi Roshan,

ExpandIT’s Launch Utility is as Amol writes a good solution if you “only” run NAV 3.70 and doesn’t have the Job Scheduler.