Open Navision through URL via CITRIX receiver

Dear All Experts,
I hope you all aware about Navision Document approval mechanism, in that the email will contains the URL to open the particular document. So users can locate Navision and that particular documnet by clicking that URL, this part is working perfectly.

Let me also provide some details about our CITRIX

Our CITRIX configured with more than one application for Users, so usually Users login CITRIX first and then system will list out all configured applications, then user can select the application which they prefer. And the CITRIX authentication and Navision authentication will be same (Windows Authentication)
And my question is, Is there any way to use URL to open Navision via CITRIX. It means when users click that URL, it should open CITRIX and ask for User Name and password, once both entered it should automatically locate Navision with that particular document.

Expecting your valuable advise.

Mike S.