Open Ledger Items

Would appreciate some advice with loading the open Ledger items for all customers. I.e. each invoice, credit, open payments etc. I’m assuming that the best way is to use a dataport to populate & then post the General Journal Line Table with the required data, I.e. Line Number, Account No, Document Type, Document Date, Payment Discount Date, Due Date, Amount (LCY) etc. Apart from entering & posting a summary opening balance for each customer is there an easier way ? Are there any fields updated by triggers that I should populate using the dataport ? Is there any Navision documentation on this subject ?

Hi Navicons The “best way” is to manually load them [:D]. However if you are talking about 1000’s then you will have to import them and validate all of the relevant tables - balance of time and cost of doing it manually against that of doing it automatically. In my experience it has to be quite a large company, or large number of transactions to warrant the open items being auto transferred - lots of potential issues including part paid invoices, unapplied credit memos etc. You can manage the implementation to clean up old data and control processes (not just customers) to reduce the open transactions. Not to mention that it is a good system learning tool and invaluable experience for the users. There - I replied to your question without answering it at all! [:D]

Actually Thinking about it the last one I did we dataported it into a sales journal - verifed it and then posted the journal to ensure everything was updated correctly - how does that sound for a kind of answer? [:D]

I almost always import into the journal. The only thing you need to watch in 3.x, is dimensions. The test routine tests each line in the journal against each other, so the posting time is proportional to the square of the number of lines in the journal. So posting if it takes 1 hour to post a 10,000 line journal (actually it takes less, but for comparison only…), it will take 4 hours to post 1 x 20,000 line journal, or 2 hours to post 2 x 10,000 line journals. 16 hours to post 1x 40,000 line journal vs 4 hours to post 4 x 10,000 line journals. Then it also depends on how many disks you have. I feel that with average hardware, 40,000 lines is the most you want to post on one journal.

PS: when posting large journals with dimensions, cache becomes very important. So idealy, turn OFF commitcache to allow as much as possible to be available to the posting.