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Helo! I placed a CommandButton on a Form in GL menu which opens another form using RunObject option. The form that opens displays articles and includes some sort of DropDownList (also opens a new form) in which you can choose among three different types of articles (you choose one and previous form displays list of articles that belog to the type you chose). Now what i wanna do is somehow include in CommandButton the type of article i want to display so i wont have to use the DropDownList. If anybody knows how to do this (if it’s possible) please help… lp john

Hi Something like this should do the job Put it in the OnPush-Trigger of the button. **OnPush** Rec.Setrange(Type,YourType); CurrForm.Update; bye André

Don’t forget to create a sec. key “Type” and activate it by using : rec.setcurrentkey(type);