Open excel 2010 from Nav server

Hi Nav Expert.

I’m using Nav 2009 R2. now I want to open the excel 2010 file which we save in Nav server . example : \Navappsvr\Document\ABC.xlsx . I create new FORM in Nav and also create push button to execute the excel file.


HYPERLINK (’ \Navappsvr\Document\ABC.xlsx ') ;

but I have the Error : C/SIDE hyperlinking failed.

You tried to hyperlink to this target:

Do you want to place that hyperlink target on the clipboard?

is there somebody can help ?



I have two questions to you?

  1. Are you doing this from the classic or the RTC client?

  2. Are you able to do this manually by entering the file url into Windows Explorer?

Hi Erik.

I used it from the Classic . actually we make some macro file excel which read from the nav SQL Database. and we want all the query excel run from NAVision.

that way I make new FORM in NAv , and make some common button , and make link to share folder in NAV Server.

it work fine if create hyperlink to excel 2007 . Hyperlink (’\Navapsvr\document\abc.xls’);

but if I want to run excel 2010 : Hyperlink (’\Navappsvr\document\abc.xlsx’); I got error : C/Side Hyperlink Failed …

is there other way to run excel 2010 file from Share folder server ?..

thank you.

Ok, but did you test it manually from the server from Windows explorer (not NAV)?

If it fails with the Excel 2010 file but works with the Excel 2007 file (which of course both exists in the document folder), then it’s more that the Excel 2010 application is not installed correctly, so that the extension is not known.

do you mean that I have to Install Excel 2010 application completely in NAV Server ?.

because if I run from client network explore , the excel 2010 file works fine (not NAV ). But when I run from NAV FORM hyperlink … it fails .

is it possible that I Have to change fin.stx file in nav 2009 R2 ? …even I already found that extension xlsx, xlsm alreafy have in fin.stx file .

I’m using windows server 2003 sp1, SQL 2008 server enterprise , 64 Bit server. and install excel 2007 64 bit in nav server.