Open Database toooo Slow

HI, It takes about over 5 to 10 minutes for the first person to open Navision in the morning. After the first connection has been established, then Navision works fine. The system is running on Nav 2.6 with CSIDE. Any ideas? Thanks advance for the help. Trin

This is not unusual behavior – when the Navision server service goes ‘idle’, it releases its dbms cache RAM, and then closes the db files. So, on first start up, it must re-open the files, and allocate ‘DBMS Cache=nnn’ amount of RAM. When this process is really slow, there are three things to look for: 1) Do you have anti-virus running on the server? Anti-virus products look for ‘file open’ requests, and scan the file before allowing the requesting process to continue. If so, you should configure the av product to exclude the Navision db files from the scan. 2) How much RAM have you specified for DBMS cache? As I remember, the v2.6 install would default to 75% of installed RAM, which is sometimes more than necessary, and can take a long time to allocate. 3) What other processes are running on the server, and how much ‘free’ RAM is available? If the Navision server service has to ‘fight’ with other processes (like, for example, Exchange and/or SQL Server), lots of swapping will happen, which will be very slow. Hope this helps.

Hi Fritz, The problem has been improved by excluding Navision from anti-virus scan. Thank you so much for your help. Trin