open database form

hi all,

I want to know the form nº “Open database”, is it possible?. I`d like to know if I can fix an only database without chosing any in this form.


No this form can not be edited.

hi David,

thanks for your quickly answer. I want to fix an only database because I don`t want any user can choose a file since this form. Can I fix an only database file without using this form?.


Well I had that problem using Citrix, try tu use the “chulo” option… you know what I mean?

Dear Carlos,

yes, I think what you mean. Can I limit this option through Citrix?

You can set the database to be used in the command prompt used to open navision:

Fin.exe database=g:\ThisDatabase,fdb

You can also define permissions in file and the user can’t open that database file.

thanks again David.

We’ve set a parameter in the direct access (mouse right button>properties) where it’s set SERVERNAME and DATABASE, but when an user access through Citrix, he can see all the net when he uses the assist button of the database field.

thanks Nuno,

I dont know how I can define permissions if I can design this form. I dont know its number to define permissions. Moreover, this form is shown before setting a login, so I understand this subject can`t be definided by user>role>permissions. What do you think?.

yes, you can’t define permissions for this form.

thanks Nuno for your quick answer.

Jimmy, just a hint about posting on forums. Just because the answer to your quesiton is “no”, does not mean that you can’t achive what you need. The problem is that we have no real idea of what you are trying to achive. we only know how you ar trying to do it.

it would help to give you a good answer, if you were to explain what you are trying to archive and why. for example it could be that you are trying to prevent certain users from access to a particular database, OR it could be that you want to give them default access to a specific database. Either of which can be done. In simple terms, you ware probably trying to do something the wrong way, and the forum can probably give you guidance how to do it properly. IF we know what you want to do.

hi David,

yes, the scenario is following,

we’ve installed a demo version in a server to our clients can conect in a remote way (citrix program). But we’ve noticed an user can see all the net if he/she press the assist button in the database field.

First of all, I tried to design this form, but I couldnt. You answered this form cant be designed.

With permissions I can`t get a solution because this form is shown before login.

OK, I see, this really has no connection to navision. You need to set security on your domain to prevent users access to those folders.

Also you shouldset the start up paramaters for Navision to force the user into the correct database i.e.

Fin.exe ID=MyZupLocation.zup,server=myserver,database=mydatabase

ok, thanks David for your help.

Well looks like we got there in the end [:D] lets hope it solves your problem.