Open call for moderators

Hey everyone,

Welcome to the new year! Might as well take the new year as an opportunity to change things up a bit, right?

In an effort to gain engagement, I’m looking for people who are interested in becoming moderators on the AX forums on the site.

The role of a moderator, in my opinion, is to foster discussion and help maintain the ease of use of the site. A good moderator will try to facilitate people getting their questions asked (by moving them, when necessary, to the right forum or looping in people they know may have an answer) but will also try to spur discussion and generate interaction on the site.

I feel one of the most important aspects of this community is the fact that it’s managed and moderated by its users. Hopefully some of you feel the same!

If anyone on the boards is interested, drop me a message on here or an email at jroder[at] and toss your hat in the ring.