Open ax new instance of ax via a job

Hi all,

I want to open a new instance of AX 2009 via a job . The same i want to further extend to EP and open the ax 2009 from the EP site .

Can anyone please share his ideas on this issue please.


Vikas Mehta.

static void Job6(Args _args)



Thanks Volodymyr.

My half task is over I wan tto do the same with Enterprise Portal .

i am able to do the same with VB on a button click , But when I try the same IN Enterprise Portal It does not work.

The code i used for VB is as follows:

using System.Diagnostics;

protected void Button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
Process process = new Process();
process.StartInfo.FileName = “Ax32.exe”;// str;

I guess there is some namespace I am missing while coding in EP.

The solution from EP is as follows (i presume that you already have a page in EP that you can alter to hold this code and you will be browsing it from a computer that has installed the client):

  1. add this to your web control code - anywhere it suits the code:



<asp:Button runat=“server” ID=“btnRunAX” Text=“RunAX” />

  1. add this to the code behind:

public void Page_Load()
this.btnRunAX.Attributes.Add(“onClick”, “runAX();”);

This should do the trick, almost … now you have to set the rights to run scripts from your page (on my test machine I added the EP site to the Local Intranet zone and set the Security level to Low).

There can be a couple of other ways (variations) on how to do this, but basically this is one.

Hope this helps,


Thanks Lulian for your help that really helped me out.

One more out of box question , do you know where does the “Report is Empty” warningcomes when i print a proforma confirmation report.


You are welcome.

From what I tested the ‘Report is Empty’ is a system warning that can’t be changed to behave otherwise (you could only change the text to display using the EmptyReportPrompt on the report’s designs standard node), but that’s it; i imagine it is triggered when no Send call is done from the Fetch … (I may be wrong however).