Open and Remaining Amount in Items Ledg Entry

hi all, in navision’s item ledger entry, whenever an item ledger entry’s “open” value is true, i would assume there would be a value in “Remaining Quantity”. But i have a case that is otherwise. my “open” is true, but the value for “remaining quantity” is zero. has anyone had this scenario before? the navision version i am running on is Navision Attain 301B. thanks.

I’ve seen it a couple times: The first is someone was playing around in the application code and screwed things up…Let’s assume this isn’t the case here. The second was a rounding issue, where all of the applied entries didn’t add up to the total quantity. Although it appeared to be a remaining quantity of zero, it was a really small number. This was in a 2.x version though. Hope this helps. Chris.

Hi Jordan, Can you see any applied entries linked to the Item Ledger entry. This case should not happen unless some code has accidentally turned on the “Open” field. If you have automatic cost posting then if th costs are posted to the G/L this will be closed. There is this Expected cost posting setup where the value entry will be existing for the Ledger entry. Check those entries or any code writing into the table. Best regards, Prashanth NCFC, NCMC, NCSD

there is one entry that is applied to the erroneous item ledger entry. well, there is nothing fancy about what is used here. there is no expected cost posting and no automatic cost posting. though there is some form of customisation, but not to the extent of modifying the rounding procedures or anything crucial to navision. the costing method that is specified for all the items in my database are FIFO. but that is not used, as all sales are applied to purchases using the “Appl.-to item entry” field. any further ideas?