Open an Excel file from NAV navigation panel


We’re running NAV 5.0 SP1. I’m new to this forum, so please don’t shoot me, if this question is too easy or filed in the wrong section.

I want to open an Excel file by clicking on an item in the navigation panel in NAV. I don’t need data to be exported or linked. I just need to access the information in the file.

I don’t have access to codeunits, but I could run code inside a report.

Any suggestions.



Create a new report but don’t add any dataitem to it.
Set it to “ProcessingOnly=Yes” and “UseRequestForm=No”

Add the following code to the “OnPreReport” trigger:


Then you add this new report to your anvigation pane.

Another solution is to use the shortcut menu (right link and create shortcut). This will be user specific and the user can create their own links.

So simple. Thank you, Thomas



Thanks Dave,

Your solution is as good in some situations as well.