Open a report from a form

I want to open a report from a form. I also want a value to be passed to that report from the form. How to do?

What did you try till now…

did you search the forum?

look at your posts, why dont you read basic documents like w1w1adg.pdf or take help from your senior technical persons?

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HI Pavan,

Check this you will get an idea

Naresh Kolli

The syntax is

<br>REPORT.RUN(Number [, ReqWindow] [, SystemPrinter] [, Record])<br><br>The para are - Report no, boolean,boolean, Record variable for that report respectively<br>The first boolean is to open the req window and the second one is to use the system printer.<br>

Create a button on the form. Then write a code to run a report on ‘OnPushButton’ trigger of that button.

For your second query, you can use setrange to directly pass a value to request form of report or DataItemReq field of report.

Its easy. :smiley:

hi pavan,

you just create 1 command button, in on push() you need to write :

Report.RUNMODAL(Rep Id, (Req Window),(Sys Print),Rec);