Open a folder in Windows Explorer

Our client puts every information he has for a vendor in a specific windows directory/folder (1 folder for each vendor). This folder can contain several files. On the Vendor Card, I would like to include a button to open Windows Explorer in the directory specified for this vendor. I know how to open a file (Word, Excel, etc.) using Automation, but I’d like to have an idea to show to content of a Windows directory. Thanks in advance,

Why you dont use virtual table: File? With File table you can show files in Navision forms. By

There’s a command called shell that You can use. This gives you access to OS commands. If for example you have XP and want to open the c:\temp folder, then you could add the following code on the OnPush trigger: SHELL(‘c:\windows\explorer.exe c:\temp’);

I suggest you to use simple SHELL('explorer.exe c:\temp'); without path (C:\windows) because it may be different on other computers.

Other question: So is there a way to open the explorer window with a specific dimension?

What do you want to see in that explorer window? Dimension what?

This maybe helpful: Windows Explorer Command-Line Options:;en-us;152457 Windows Explorer does not have an option to resize its window. You have to make an EXE and run that EXE instead. The EXE will start explorer.exe, then uses FindWindow() to find explorer window, and then resize the window using SetWindowPos() API function.

Wonderful! Altough I did not understand perfectly the idea of working with virtual table: File?, the SHELL command does exactly what I needed. Thank you!