Open a folder in 4.00

Hi, in version 3.70 I used this command to open a folder from Navision Client: SHELL('explorer ’ + “Invoice Folder”); where “Invoice Folder” was the field containing a path. After the porting in 4.00, this command does not work and I receive the message: The file name “explorer <“Invoice Folder”>” contains a character that may not be used. Please check the file name. You can find additional information on file names in the documentation for your operating system. My question is: what changed between 3.70 and 4.00? I did not changed my operating system, so I cannot understand, probably the command SHELL is changed in the new Navision’s release. In any case, how can I open the folder in 4.00? Thanks Marco

The shell command is more or les useless in 4.0. There are some additional security features built in like “Are you sure that you want to run that command ?” I would advice to use WSH instead. Just create a small function: RunProgram(CommandLine : Text[1024]) : Text[80] CREATE(WSH); WSH.Exec(CommandLine); CLEAR(WSH); with WSH being an Automation Server of the type ‘Windows Script Host Object Model’.WshShell. This will run without asking stupid questions (except you have Symantec Internet Security Skrip Blocking stuff installed).