Open 6 GB database with NF client 2.6 in win98

I have problem and would like some advise. Recently my colleague had upgraded our customers database from NF 1.10 to NF 2.6 and the finally database reach a size of 6 GB. The database is in one single file with 6GB. I would like to open the database to see how it’s look like in NF 2.6. One colleague worked in win2000 and a another colleague in winNT, they could opened the database with NF 2.6 client without problem. But when I tried to open the database with NF client in Win98 I got message “Length of databasefile is different from the length registered in operatingsystem…” and couldn’t open the database. Is there any way I can do to get around the message without installing Navsion server or upgrade win98 to win2000 or NT?

The problem is the Operating System disk type: Fat & Fat 32 are allowed to a file maximum size of 2 GB (they aren’t able of recognizing files wich size is over 2 GB), while NTFS allows bigger files. Your coleagues using Win2K and WinNT are probably having NTFS File systems, so they are able of using the 6GB database file, but when you try opening it with a win98 system (that only allows FAT or FAT32 file system), the big size of that file make the operating system unable to handle it, so neither the file size or file contents are correctly used. Regards from L.A. – Alfonso Pertierra Spain Western Computer Los Angeles, California

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