OnTarget Modeler

Hi, Is there anybody using Navision OnTarget Modeler for analysis and implementation? Any experiences, results? Jozef

I think it’s a good tool for beeing an 1.0 version. At least (and most important) it helps me to be more structred in my analysis since I need to get the result into the Modeler. Of course there’s more to wish when it comes to functionality, but give it a try.

Well I am still new at it but have found it quite useful for small scale modifications to existing functionalities. Am looking forward to use it extensively as I get better on it

Hi, I’m currently using On Target and the business modeler in my projects. In my opinion the modeler provides you with a structured way of handling an implementation, although it needs some finetuning now and then. I guess a good way of moving forward is to just pick the best of on target and enhance this with your own best practise knowledge and experience. good luck Alexander Ehlen

Hi All, I want to use Navision ONtarget Modeller.But am not being able to answer which license file it always is asking for.Can anybody elaborate?Can it run on the demo license or requires a client license for that? Regards, Dharmendra B. Desai

You should ask your NTR to upgrade your licence

Hi everyone, Where can you get the OnTarget Modeller? Thanks, Cristi Nicola

Does OnTarget Modeler is available for end users ? Is it available on which CD ? Attain 3.60 ? SDK 3.60 ?

Hi All.It is available on the 3.10 demo cd as well as the partners website also.But you need to have the NSC password for downloading from the site. & Your license should work on it. Regrards, Dharmendra Desai

Hi Dharmendra, I do have access to partner website but could not find it. I did a search and all I found was a marketing pdf about it :frowning: If it is not too big could you email it to me please ? cnicola@bmiusa.com Thanks, Cristi Nicola

Hi Cristian, The file is big. zip file is 11.5 mb.But u will get it. Visit ftp://navisionindia.com. It has been made free for some time.Visit it at the earliest. The path is sales/fast track sales cd/ ontarget modeller. I hope u will be able to download it. Regards, Dharmendra Desai

Hi Dharmendra, I have just downloaded them from the ftp site. Thank you very much [:D] Now all I have to do is find time to read it and try to apply it [;)] Cristi Nicola

Hi Dharmendra I could not find it on the ‘ftp:navisionIndia’. Is there anyother way i can get it. Thank you MK

Hi MK, This site is working and is accessiblt.Any other way is it is available on the product demo cd supplied to NSCs’. Pl. follow the path i hv mentioned in earlier post.you will get it. Regards, DD

Hi MK, Actually the path that Dharmendra mentioned is slightly wrong. After Sales you must choos Sales Methodology CD 1 rather than Fast Track CD. You need to be a little flexible [:D]. If anything I would have looked in the other folders to see what other goodies I find [;)]. Cristi

Hi Guyz Thanks lot for your answers, infact i found it after i posted it here. Anyway thanx again and happy weekend. Cheers MK

Hello @all, I’ve got a problem. Does OnTarget Modeler Ver. 1.01 works on Attain 3.60?

Hello. I experimented with NOM a little today and found that it uses DB 3.01. To upgrade it to 3.60 you have to open NOM.FDB in NA 3.60 with confirming coversion and to copy some files from “Client” and “CFront” directory to “On Target Modeler” directory (these files are: slave.exe, nc_tcp.dll, nc_netb.dll, dbm.dll, fin.stx, fin.etx, cfront.dll). I hope it will help. Vladimir


Originally posted by mwe
Hello @all, I’ve got a problem. Does OnTarget Modeler Ver. 1.01 works on Attain 3.60?

Hi Dharmendra, I tried to access from ftp://navisionindia.com as mention in this forum but unable to get in. Is it still accessible ? Trying to get a copy OnTarget Modeler to work on. My local NTR was unable to provide us a copy. Hi Cristi Nicola, Can you help too ? Thanks


Originally posted by Tarek Demiati
Does OnTarget Modeler is available for end users ? Is it available on which CD ? Attain 3.60 ? SDK 3.60 ?

Tarek, The On Target Modeler is not available for end users.