Onsite Customer Scheduling in Dynamics for Operations?

Hi all. I’m pretty new to the D365 / Operations / AX world and brand new to this forum. So first off, I’m trying to get my bearings here…I’m assuming a D365 for Operations question belongs in this forum and not the AX forum…please let me know otherwise. And, I hope those with an AX background are active in this forum?

And, to my real question. I am looking for a multi-site scheduling solution to use within or possibly on top of D365 for Operations. It would need to support the following (think local office scheduling for customers):

  1. multiple calendars (likely one for each “Retail Store”).

  2. multiple resources, including

a) physical location

b) multiple employees (usually 1 or 2)

  1. Appointment Type captured (custom list of values)

  2. Appointment Status Captured (eg. scheduled, completed, cancelled)

  3. Appointment Referral Source (custom list of values)

I would consider a customized solution in the mid/long term, but need to explore all pre-built solutions initially, even if it doesn’t meet all of our needs.

All thoughts and suggestions are welcomed.

Hi Alan,
Welcome to DUG! [:)]
Yes D365 does make most of our groups a little confusing. But we’re working on new forum descriptions and names with D365 in mind. D365 for Operations, no matter the name, is still AX. So I have moved your post to the AX forums instead.
There should be a much better chance of you getting an answer here.