Only two lines of transactions on Sales Order Invoice


I got a weird issue in client’s environment. For some customers, their Sales Order Invoice only generate two lines of transctions - one is sales issue, the other is sales consumption. But for some normal Sales Order Invoice, there are some other transactions as well: Sales Revenue, Customer balance…

Any hints?


I think you are talking about voucher transactions. These voucher transactions becuase of ‘inventory model’ on ‘inventory model group’ what you are using like FIFO ,LIFO, Weightage avg and Standard cost.

Use different inventory model for same item by doing different transactions and verify the diferent result of voucher transactions.

Check the setup of your Item Groups of the items. Make sure Ledger accounts are specified.

Is the net amount of the invoice 0.00 - this would only write two lines, no sales, no debtors and no tax - just cost and issue.