Only two global dimensions - why?

Hi all,

One thing that I think is weired is NAVs dimension management. I know in general how it works (that only two global dimensions are in the g/l entry table and that you can generate the other dimensions kind of), but my question is why has not MS made an effort to fix this? To me it seems like there should be so many benefits to make sure you can have at least 8 global dimensions (but best would be unlimited of course). But since this is never “fixed” will NAV always manage dimensions in this way?

Thank you for your input.


My understanding is that this is a space issue. The global dimensions are all stored in the ledger files while all the other dimension entries are stored in the posted dimension tables. Making all the dimensions global, or increasing the number of them, would significantly increase the size of the ledger tables. Version 2013 significantly changes the way dimensions are used which may help with this situation, but I have not spent any time with that version yet,.