Only the menu screen appears when Nav is opened

When I open up the Navision database - the only thing that pops up is the menu screen (ie the modules and folders that usually is only on the left side of the screen). Minimizing doesn’t help either… I don’t know if I accidently hit a function that has caused this to happen. Hopefully someone can help ??? thanks.[^]

Do you mean that the 4.00 menu covers your entire screen?

Is your window placed out of centre and you can’t click and drag it with your mouse? You can select a application-window with alt + space. Maybe you knew that already. To select a window in Navision, you can use alt + -. Then one time arrow down and enter. Then using the arrows moves the window inside Navision.

Thanks Tina - unfortunately this doesn’t work… When I hit alt + - this give me the option to restore, minimize which doesn’t end up doing anything. In anycase, Mark yes the 4.00 menu takes up the whole screen. So I’m back where I started… with a menu and no ability to use the program.

Sorry, I needed to make sure you were working in 4.00 first. This is a known issue in 4.0. In your case you need to delete your setup file (fin.zup). This should be in your C:\documents and settings\ folder Search this folder, including system/hidden folders. Make sure Navision is closed before you do this. Or contact your system administrator.

Thanks everyone - Mark B your suggestion worked.[8D]