Only selected Dimensions on Dialog ?

Hi all, I have a little problem, and I didn’t find a solution in standart Axapta. I have a 3 dimensions in my system, and I have to place a field typeid(Dimension) on a Dialog. But the problem is, that I have to place only two fields (f.e Dimension[1], and Dimension[3]). I can’t write typeid(Dimension[1]). Does someone know how to solve this problem ? [:I] Best Regards

Hi Piotrek, I had also had a similar request some time ago… You have to rely on the SysDimension BaseEnum that is holding the dimensions available in system. Below a code that might help you: DialogGroup ldGroupDimensions; DialogField ldDialogColDimension; Int ldI; Str ldLblDim; FormStringControl ldFormColDimension; DictEnum ldDictDim; ; ldDictDim = new DictEnum(EnumNum(SysDimension)); ldGroupDimensions = ldDialogRunBase.addGroup("Dimension"); for (ldI=1;ldI<=ldDictDim.values();ldI++) { ldLblDim = ldDictDim.index2Label(ldI-1); ldDialogColDimension= ldDialogRunBase.addFieldValue(TypeId(Dimension),ldColDimensions[ldI],ldLblDim,''); ldFormColDimension = ldDialogColDimension.control();"LDCDDimension%1",ldI)); ldGroupDimensions.addFieldname(; }