Only one vouchernummber - Journal setting

Dear users,

I am using Ax 4.0 and i wish to change the journal-settings for a general journal called “ODS” to one voucher number only per journal. This journal creates a new voucher in connection with the balance. Result is that i have several voucher-numbers per journal. Not really logicial for this journal.

Therefore i wish to change the setting to "one voucher number " only. But will it be possible to post multiple vendor and/or customer transactions if necessary in the same journal? I have tried this setting and i get the message that only one vendor transaction is possible.

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Hi Jo,

I believe you have answered your own question, in V4 you can only have one customer/vendor transaction per voucher number. Although in AX2009 and AX2012 you can have more than one.

Why is it an issue to have multiple voucher numbers?



I understand this is an old post, but above states that there can be more than one customer on a voucher in AX 2009. How is this achieved. I am unable to post an invoice journal with more that on customer on the voucher.