OnlineHelp MS Dyn NAV 6.0 - RTC Problem :(

Hello People,

I’ve posted my Problem in another thread, but then I’ve read, that anybody should open an own Topic for own problems so I post it again.

I hope anybody can help me.

i have a problme with MS Dyn NAV OnlineHelp too, but it is a bit heavier. But at first I have to say, please forgive me my maybe bad grammar, i am a Non-Native-English-Speaker and I am from germany :slight_smile: Hello World :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

At first I’ve read the posts of Luc van Vugt here, and i was very impressed, and he seems to be the one who could be able to help me.

In case you are reading this, pls let get a piece of your knowledge. :slight_smile:

To determine my problems:

I am an apprentice in Company which provides a MS Dyn NAV Solution. Know we have to certify our Solution for the RoleTailoredClient.

Since about 4 Weeks day to day I do nothing else except trying to create an OnlineHelp. I’ve tried Robohelp and MS Helpbuilder 2009 sp1, no success.

(with our version of robohelp it was possible to create a help for the classic client, but it was just a testversion of RH, because the aktivation Server of this old version are not longer availeble, Adobe provided a solution to solve this problem but even this doesn’t work :frowning: )

Know I’d like to get a list of things I need, to create a working Helpfile für the RTC. It should be field-sensitive.

I’ve tried to take our hmt-files, they are filled with helpstexts like “this is a field where you can insert a date”(just for testing).

I have HTMLWorkshop. I have the Report from MS which can create HelpTopics and TOC, all this I used. I have tested our helpfiles with testdata and the empty files from the report, no success.

Thats the main problem. I’m able to refine it a bit, during using HTMLWorkshop, there are Options to fill the Index automatically, but this doesn’t work. The TOC from the report can be loaded in the Project, the hmt-files too, but there are no index, then i’ve read a documentation, with the notice, that if i check the “autoinsert index by keywords”-option, i have to compile the helpfile with htmlworkshop and then it would be create and filled automatically. But thats wrong, i only have empty index file with “tags tags tags

    tags tags tags”.

    I guess thats the problem why the help doesn’t work when it is compiled.

    Have you Luc or anyone else maybe an example of a selfcreated index,toc and htm helpfile? So i cna compare to our created files, some of them are created by self developed reports, which create the testdate like "this is a date field … ". Maybe the htmfiles are wrong.

    When i’m going to compile the file I use the config.defaul.xml and the config.RBC.xml(RollenBasierterClient => RoleTailoredClient). Additive I use the Shared folder, which is found in the installationfolder of NAV Help Builder. C:…\Sample\Shared… .

    hmm to compile i use the hhc.exe from htmlworkshop.

    If you need any other information to help me to solve my problem, i will give you all information you need, but i am at the end of my knowledge, and need help to create the help :wink:

    friendly regards

    NonHelpExpert :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

    Hi NonHelpExpert :wink:

    I’ll gladly help you, but I am not sure if I can help you on short term with everything due to busy agenda. However I will try to as much as possible.

    Let’s try to cut up your into pieces so I get a clear understanding where exactly you work is halting. Therefor I will start a couple of questions:

    • Without adding anything like indexes or whatsover: are you not at all able to build the OLH (Online Help) project with the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Help Toolkit [based on the html files you created and thevarious project files (like .hhp,.hhc)]?
    • OLH for RTC and Classic are essentially not different so please explain the difference as you suggest that you can build for classic but bot for RTC
    • Did you fully read the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Help Toolkit help itself?

    [to be continued]

    Hey Luc,

    thank you veeryy much, that you will try to help me :slight_smile:

    Ok to answer your questions, I have to think about it, I’ve done so much tries, that its hard to reconstruct them all.

    At first your Questionm 1: I am able to create .hhc, .hhp, .xpj and so on, and i am able to compile them finaly to an .chm file. But the finaly included .chm file doesn’t work. It is possible to press F1 and get a self created helpfiletopic(.htm), but it mostly is just the on of the obejct( e.g. Page, Form etc.) and not field-sensitive. If I have the right understanding, the hhc-file is the table of content, right?

    Your next question about OLH and RTC/Classic, I have two config.xml files, (config.CSIDE.xml and config.RBC.xml(german for RTC). And in the MS Dyn NAV Help TK documentation, is written, that there are differences between RTC and Classic, I don’t know them in detail, but there is a MS provided Link in the docu, which links to a download content. In this content are many exemplary files and the config files too. Then there is the fact, that the Report 60000 from MS which is in the installation folder of MS dyn Help TK, don’t create .htms mit the N_ tag(the page tag). So I guess, that there is an essential missunderstanding by mine or anything else. I can’t explain what I’m doing wrong.

    Regarding your last question, I’ve read many parts of the help of MS TK, some parts I have just glanced trough, but at all I would say I have read most parts of the help.

    That are my first answers, I hope you can do anything with them. :slight_smile:



    Hi Marcel,

    You had bad luck with my busy schedule, so sorry for not having been able to return earlier to your issue.


    What about the .hh file?

    Once you compile your OLH project (using Microsoft Dynamics NAV Help Toolkit) it will create .chm and .hh files. Where do store these?

    OK, there are some differences, but that should prevent you form getting it work.

    About the index issue:

    NAV OLH stores all index entries in the topics themselves so it’s not common to generate a index file.

    Have a look at this example topic gltask_1068.htm from gl_m.hhp

    These are the index entries it is containing:

    One of the things that happens when you open NAV OLH the first is that it’s starts building the index based on all these entries in the various topic files.

    So the most basic way of creating index entries is to add these kind of lines to your htm topic file(s).

    I haven’t been using RoboHelp for a long time and cannot recall how to more easily do that in RoboHelp.

    Hey Luc,

    no problem if it takes a bit time to answer. :slight_smile:

    regarding your first question, yes a .hh file was generated too.

    Regarding storing the files, if i try to create a help for classic i’ll store them in the language depending folder, in the installationfolder. The .chm as well as the .hh file.

    If I’ll try to create that for RTC, I store the .chm in the language folder. And the .hh in the service folder. (in any cases I checked, if the other basic helpfiles are in my chosen store places too. They was/are.)

    Hmm ok regarding the index, it is interesting what you say, during comparing the .htm from us with the .htm from the basic .chms(I have decompiled some of them) I’ve seen, that the meta-tag with the MS-HKWD property weren’T anywhere. So I’have modified the report with this line. In hope that I will be successful, but I wasn’t.

    Robohelp: Ok we anyway try to avoid the usage of robohelp.

    Hmm, more I havn’t to say at the moment. I don’t what I’m doing wrong :frowning:

    But a thousand thanks for your tries to help me and for give me the rest of your short rated time!! Really thank you.



    OK, so you store the files at the right place.

    There’s one thing you should do/know: after you have copied any .hh file into the language folder of the Service tier directory you have to restart the service again. (This will automatically be done when you restart your computer)

    If you still not get it working I would like to suggest that you send me your help project so i can have a closer look.

    Hey Luc,

    some tries later…

    The thing with the Service and its restart was very interesting, and I had much hope, because our test RTC “lies” on a server, which wasn’t restartet. But now we restarted the Service tried again und had no success :frowning:

    Now I really would to send you some example-files, as you offered… But pls, can you list all that what you need? So I can collect all the files, compress them to a zip folder and send it to you.

    Really Thank You again…



    • *.hhp
    • *.hhc
    • *.hhk
    • all *.htm

    If you are using specific images also add these.

    And I understand you have CC and RTC sources separately, so above applies for both setup.

    Hallo Luc,

    please forgive me, that it took so much time to respond, but there were a few days of vacation and a disskussion regarding the files which i will send to you. Because our .htm are not really filled yet, they are just filled with placeholders like “this is a date field”. That is why it is not necessary to send all them to you(15.000+). I think it would be enough to send just a few. But there I need some information, the report(60.000) from microsoft, doesn’t create Page.htm(N_-tag), just tables, form and so on… Aren’t they needed?(I have to know this, because I’m not sure, if it suffices, when I send just T_*.htms.(Forms, Reports and so on).

    And no, I use the same *.htms for both, CC and RTC.

    Thank you again,

    it is really friendly that you use your time for me :slight_smile:



    Marcel, no problem at all.

    No, the form topics (F_xxx.htm) are being called when you call the help for a page:

    5076.RTC Page Help.jpg

    For local functionality I worked on at MS we just reused the classic form help, but you could have two versions for each form topic; one for classic and one for RTC because of other terminology (f.e. tabs v.s fasttabs).

    Hello Luc,

    now I have the files for you. The last days I was very busy and had to talk about the *.htms. At first all we want, is to create a field-sensitive Help-File, which do that what it should do. So you don’t need all files. I will send you a new project, with just a few files. It is enough, that you take a look to them and maybe be able to find the misstake in the files. Maybe the .htms have a wring html-code, or the TOC or the index… If you cannot find any misstake, it would be great if you try to create a helpfile and test this file if it works. In case it works, I am really confused, in case it doenst work, I hope you can find out why.

    Ok now my last question, how can you get the files? I can’t find a file-share option here.

    Thank you again :slight_smile:



    Hi Marcel,

    'Wasn’t notified on your last post so sorry for responding only now. I will send you my e-mail adress by a pm message.

    Hello Marcel,

    was the problem solved? Where was the problem? It’s because I have the same problem as you.

    Thank you


    Hey there,

    the problem is not solved. But that is because we have a new product release and this has higher priority. I will come back to this problems next weeks i think. But, on which point your solution does not work? Maybe I know a solution, cause we had the same or else…



    Hey Luc,

    i hope you’ll read this message, elsewhere I wil mail it to you. Today the Topic “OnlineHelp” is going on. But I will need a few days to review all that what was done and so on… I think next Monday you will get an e-mail with the Projekt.

    Thank you for your patience.



    Hi Marcel,

    I am getting update mails! No problem with my patience, enough work to keep going. I will see your things coming.