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I am using AX 09 SP1 . I have Kernal Version 5.0.1000.52 , Application Version 5.0.1001.96 .

I have data lose issue in EP while entering information in some particular grids.We have 2-3 customized forms
on EP where we go and add the new lines as per the Customer requirments. If we are not filling the data
in lines or if leave it ideal for 30-35 seconds then data won’t get saved in particular line in these grids .
As It requires a lot of information to be filled by Enduser.So it takes time for user to fill the information
sometimes they if they will leave EP Ideal for some time all the information filled by user will not get saved
& its quite frustating for them.

Let me Explain the scenario in Technical Term.

i.e. I have Medical Settlement form in which we have 3 grids whxih are primarily attached to a particular Medical Claim ID(Number Sequence).
in each grid user creates lines ,if he creates one line & leaves that particular gird ideal for 35 sec(for some reason)
after that when he try to crete a new line the same medical claim ID will not carry in newly created line system creates
the line with blank medical claim id.So then their is no use of that line.

I am attaching here Visual Studio Code Pagee & EP page also for your reference . This kind of issue persist in many forms.

Awaiting for yuor positive response or some guidence to close this issue.


Neeraj Gupta