Online Shopping Cart Recommendation for data integration with NAV?

Hi there -

The company I work for is using Nav 5 Sp1, native, and I have a general concept question on which I’m desperate for other’s input, that is;

Getting orders from a website into Navision.

What is an efficient and inexpensive way to import data containing customer orders from a website’s shopping cart?

-We intend a website to process credit card orders and to output a csv or xml file containing customer name, address, shipping address, product ordered, what they paid etc.

-Is importing customers and orders this way ‘the done thing’?

The website will be built in a way that returning customers will be remembered (if they choose)

We have less than 20 products.

Order volume is between 20 and 40 orders a day.

The 'site will process customers credit cards.

Inventory levels do not need to feed back to the website.

I’d love to hear your input, be it a one liner, a pointer to a URL, or detail from personal experience.



We have developed web integration with Joomla based on web services. I think this one of the most inexpensive ways to create website for NAV for a few reasons:

  1. Joomla is an open source CMS that used by millions of websites and has thousands widely available programmers. You will not depend on one company who can charge you anything they want for development

  2. It is very easy to customize and make look like you want. You can use predeveloped templates that cost about $100 or develop your own within $1000 budget

  3. Credit card, GOOGLE checkout, PayPal, FEDEX, UPS, TAX calculations are easily available.

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