Online Replication

I’ve already posted this in the developer forum, but think this might be a better place - apologies for the cross-post. We’re investigating online replication of a Navision SQL Server db in a 24x7 operation. We’re aware of Replicator from DataBackBone and DataDirector from Landsteinar, but were wondering if anyone can comment on the feasibility of using SQL Server’s replication. We’ve seen comments hinting that it might be difficult/impossible, but nothing specific describing potential problems. Has anyone got this working reliably? Thanks in advance, Bob Devine

I successfully had Snapshot and Merge replication running a few years ago in a test environment - not loaded but I don’t think load is a problem for SQL Server replication. The only issue was the various replication agents didn’t always run automatically.

We use SQL Replication for several years in various production systems. Transactional replication only though. Only ‘problem’ is that you can’t alter tables which are replicated (alltough adding fields and keys is not a problem). Just creating a script, deleting the publication, making the changes and running the script is sufficient enough.