One Vendor - 2 types of services - GTA & Non GTA

Hi All,

I am from India.

One of my client is availing 2 types of services from same vendor.

One service is GTA service where 100 % service tax is borne by client & they can take credit after payment of the same to Govt. and another type of service in which they total bill amount including service tax to vendor and they take credit of service tax paid.

Now GTA vendor tick is available on Vendor card. So it is not possible to use same vendor from two different types of invoices.

Creating 2 different vendors is also not a good work around.

Can anyone help on the said issue.?



Hi Jainal

Usually it does’nt happens like that. … Even if the vendor is treated as GTA and NON GTA, the Purchase orders must be different for GTA and Non GTA transactions…And if thats the case then why not maintain two different vendors as well.

If you want to do that with one vendor, you have to do lot of customization because in the service tax engine there are several places where the logic is differentiated on the basis of GTA and non GTA and this is determined by checking the status of the GTA flag in the vendor card. Not only does the application checks it during posting the invoice but also at the time of settling the payment. Hence even an Idea of refering to the GTA flag at he PO level wont help you much because in that case you cannot refer back to vendor card. You have to search for the reference of the parent Invoice record from Vendor Ledger Entry to identify whether that transaction was of GTA or Non GTA nature. Now to make the mater more complex… there can be multiple invoice applications to one single payment… and invoices can be of the combination of GTA and non GTA.

Probably you might be able to achive this by having a table with fields as Transaction No and GTA status (option type–GTA,Non GTA) and Transaction No as Primary key. Populate it in case of Service tax transactions (for vendor cases) and then instead of Vendor get this table to check the GTA status…

Warning :- To do the above customization you need to have very good understanding of Journal Posting Routine … specificaly of COD12 or else you will end up with a messed up codeunit.

Furthermore… any hotfix releases for GTA would have to be handled with additional effort because it cannot be directly merged into your databse because of core logic change in ur db.

Safest method is to create 2 Vendors…



Hi Anup,

Thanks for the detailed reply.

Work around is that creating 2 vendor having difficulties in business scenarios like when vendor asks for ledger we have to run 2 different ledgers.!

Further We can not make a single cheque for all transactions as transactions are split in to 2 different ledger codes.!

But yeah also looking at the complexity of reverse charge mechanism of service tax customization will be tricky and new hot fixes can not be merged directly.

So not sure which solution can be applied to this case.!?



Hi Jainal,

There is a option were you can use the same Vendor for both type of transactions. Firstly no need to make the Vendor as GTA, as we can do the transaction of GTA through configuring the Item sales tax group.

Choose the Item Sales Tax Group as POT and put the Reverse Percentage as 100%.

This configuration will make as same as GTA vendor accounting.

In case of any further clarrification feel free to respond on same.


Rajat Jain