One Unit of Measure in, another out

I’m still pretty new to NAV and trying to figure things out.

I’m trying to set up a rubber pressing process. An example would be that for every 3.2lb square of rubber into a press and get 308 pieces of finished goods out. Every method of tried to set up wants to keep everything in the same UoM. How do I get pieces? I’m sure I’m missing something simple here.

You would probably need to set up manufacturing. The Square feet of rubber would be one Item, and the pieces would be another item, and the manufacturing process would convert the first into the second item. Talk to your partner to help you set this up, you can’t get all of that from this forum. There’s Production BOMs, Routings, machine centers, production orders, MRP, a whole bunch of different things to set up.

Totally agree that manufacturing is the correct way to go here. If you are looking for an interim solution to at least get you through the day you can do item journals (positive and negative adjustments). This assumes you don’t have any scrap to capture, don’t want to capture the time and costs of running the machines to press the rubber, etc. That would be manufacturing.

Thanks guys. I appreciate your assistance.

After I posted this thread, I discovered I can play with the UoM in the Production BOM which (though for the job I’m testing) meant I had to use a pretty small fraction of a lb (pre-pressed rubber is in lbs, each 3.2lb ‘heat’ makes 308 pieces) means each piece is 0.0103 lbs. I’m sure it’s not the best way, but it’s working.

Am I missing something obvious which would work better?