One time request

hello guys!

I have a production request form.You can create many request in same record,but I have to change like:

if you create a one request from a record, you can not create a production order from that order again.İt must allow only one time creating.How should I do something like this.I never across case like this before.

Can you please make it more clear? May be with an example.

I have orders and I have button to production request button.I chose the first line of my order then I click the butto to create a request.and then it created a request order and then I turn my first form I chose the same line to create an order request but system must not allowed me to create an order request again from sama line.I could not use the same line to create a production request.

You can create a field in that orders table and update it when the request is created for that order (may be a boolean field)
In your orders form, based on the new field value enable/disable the button (in active method of the data source).
If you want more control, you can throw an error as well based on the field value.

thank you so much for your you have any example codes for it?

No. But you can try yourself and post here if you have any questions.