One time problem with Recurring Journal

One of our Accountants was doing a recurring journal yesterday. Hit Post & Print and for some reason we’ve never seen before it posted some other different recurring journals under different names. It was also hit and miss.

It also has his user name on the G/L entries.

I wasn’t there to witness it but he swears he didn’t do anything different.

Has this ever happened to anyone else?? What might/could cause this??

Thanks in advance,



Theoretically, program code can’t execute differently just because of different allocation of Solar spots… There always is some more traditional reason.

Check in registers for timestamps of posted entries - are they REALLY following just one another in short time, as well as Entry & Transaction Nos…

Then, there is a possibility to select SEVERAL lines in Gen.Journal Batches Form and hit Post&Print there without returning to Recurring Gen.Jnl. Form - then ALL selected Batches will be posted…

I still tend to believe case you described should rather be caused by human factor, not a tricky Navision code error…

Thanks Modris.

I also believe it was human error. I’ll check the registers and see what’s there.