One product multiple suppliers influenced by currencies

Hi all,

Our business is currently evaluating different ERP systems. We currently use Syspro which is terrible. NAV, IRIS Exchequer and Netsuite are the current forerunners.

Our business sources products in various currencies and sells them in a number of other currencies.

In some cases we have a single part number that is available from a number of different sources and while list prices and discounts remain fairly stable currency fluctuations may affect the most cost effective source. Is there a way to relate a single part number with multiple suppliers in such a way that ur staff can easily identify the most cost effective supplier?

Many thanks in advance


Hi Richard,

Not directly as standard - you can see the purchase prices in the currency of the supplier. This is a minor customisation to show the equivalent price in local currency and also the post-discount price. The difficulty you might have is that some suppliers offer settlement discounts across all your purchases and tring to apportion this.

Hi Dave, thanks for another reply!

How about showing that one product can be sourced from multiple places, ie can one part code sit against more than one supplier?



Hi Richard,

This is standard and easily acheived. There are two ways:

  1. Purchase prices - i.e. go to the item card and look at purchase prices. This will show all suppliers with prices setup.

  2. Cross Reference - again see all supplier and customer cross references to your part number. This can work very well is buying off a catalog - you can key in the supplier number and it find you part number.

Thanks Dave!

Sorry for the stupid questions… we have been in the market for a new ERP for a while but im only just getting involved…


Hi Richard,

No problem, better to ask and be sure, than making decisions on assumptions

A small point about the Purchase prices (applies to Sales too) create specific supplier date pricing with quantty = 0 so the supplier price is shown when after the part number is entered and before quantity is entered.

Not about NAV but abaout SYSPRO.

We run a variety of ERP systems including SAP, NAV, SYSPRO, SCALA.

Why do you think SYSPRO is terrible?