One Payment to Many part paid invoices

We receive details of direct credit payments electronically. Each payment may need to be applied to up to 1600 invoices. However each invoice may not be paid in full, so we need to be able to allocate the correct amount to each invoice. We can see how to apply amounts to each invoice by creating individual entries into the cash receipt journal. However we would like to see one line in the custome ledger that we can then click on to see all the invoices that the payment was applied to. Any suggestions?

Bottom Line is that this isn’t possible in base Navision [:(!] They have poorly designed their application in this area. They started to go the correct way by introducing the Detailed Ledger Entries, but they didn’t rewrite the necessary reports to use these for the applications. The North Americian Version contains Deposits which does allow this, but it has to be done when you post the Payment (Deposit). It basically creates 1600 Customer Ledger entries (One for each invoice applied to)…Not the ideal solution. Customizing this is possible, but involves re-writting a number of base reports (including Aged A/R), which is not a task for the faint of heart.

I have heard this functionality is coming soon in v4.0

Yes, and I would like to be able to see all the payments applied to an Invoice as well ! These are but a few of the very basic, basic, basic items of functionality completely missing from the Navision Customer ledger design. By the way the same is true of the Vendor ledger.[:(!]