One legal entity -Multiple production sites

I need some advice One big customer (one legal entity) has several production sites. based on the same customer, vendors and items card, he wants to have separate P/L and balances for each production site. Does some one already face this kind of case Thanks for you replies.

You must run it all in one big database, but simply create separate companies for each production site. We did this for several of our clients. What system are you runing? Best regards, Erik P. Ernst, webmaster

Why not set each production site as a different Department and then you can run the P/L or Balance Sheet by Department using the Department Filter

we will run Attain. The fact that this company is one legal entity means that VAT statement, intrastat satatement and income tax statement will be at the company level not production site one. So you need to consolidate figures before issuing reports. Vendors are common to all prod site but payments will happpen at one glance at company level. Is it that simple to consolidate figure of several companies ?

From what I have read, this definately sounds like Erik’s suggestion using Departments… or even in Attain creating a new global dimension called Production Site Code. The the consolidation takes place immediately, but all reports etc. can be seen by using a filter on Production Site. Lars Strøm Valsted ------------------------- Software development today is a race between the programmers trying to make better and more foolproof programs, and the universe trying to make bigger idiots. So far the universe is winning.

In Attain you have the sales/purchase/warehouse responsibility centre filters that can be set per user so each user sees only their part of a bigger database. Cheers John