One item, but two boxes

I have a product which consists of two boxes.

Now i have for box 1 and for box 2 same item No. and barcode…

Each box (would be necessary) have a Item No. and barcode.

When i operate with this product without posting, i need to see only one item, but whet i post this SalesOrder, then from stock will by posted two items.

Maybe i can use BOM, but how to use it, if i not explode it, when i make a SalesOrder?

In SalesOrder and in SalesInvoice I want to see only the main BOM item.


Item Assembly List or Item BOM is just for this purpose.

First, you create Items that will be part of BOM - with all corresponding Names, Barcodes, etc etc - only ItemNos of course are different. You may use generic ItemNos here, as actual Item No will be Item with BOM itself. (BTW - you can have different barcodes for compound item and for every component)

The, create the “main” Item and add your 2 parts(Items) to assembly list.

When you add an Item with BOM to SO, exploding it or not changes only the appearance of SO - either there is one Item called, say, Workstation PC, or after exploding - many lines with all the Items from BOM.

Exploding DOESN’T affect posting in any way - exploded or not, nothing changes, and inventory for components is updated accordingly.


i test like this what you wrote, but without result… If i explode BOM, then i get in SO all BOM items ( i not need that), if i not explode BOM, then get only head item in SO and after SO posting, from stock posted is only head item (but i need BOM items).

Can you please step by step explane me how to do it.


try this,

  1. go to item card and take the FG.

  2. click on the Item button–> assembly list–> bill of materials–> then give the BOM and quantity.

  3. Go to Purchase–>inventory & Costing–> BOM Journal.

  4. enter the relevant fields like Item No to be produced, Location, Quantity, UOM etc.

  5. post it.

Then the system will create a positive adjustment to the finished products and negative adjustment to the consumed quantity.