One form has different layout

Hi there,

In the Dynamics 2012 R2 system, I found the PurchTableListPage form is used for many times with different layout as below.

  1. PurchTableListPageNotSent




I can found that different menu item with different “EnumParameter” is configured, but on the form its self, i cannot find anything that change the form behavior/layout based on that parameter.


It will be using a different query, look at the menu item - Query property.

Hi Kranthi,

Yes, they use different query as well, but from my point of view, the query only has impact on the data which will be selected/unselected, it won’t have impact on which column should be displayed on the form.

But they have different columns on the list page now.

many thanks.

It it handled through the page interaction class, look at PurchTableListPageInteraction