One account by item

Hi, In my company they want to assign one account by item. Can anyone share some experience with this kind of set up. Thanks

what r u trying to achieve by this?

Wow…Hope you don’t have too mnay Items. You might want to check out dimensions. [;)]

One account per item?? ouch… that hurts… unless they’re a highly specialized company that just makes a few items… but well… if you setup different inventory posting groups for each item and you setup the different accounts for each inventory posting setup… you shouldn’t need any customization at all.

use posting group codes that are the same as items no., If you use some kind of “smart” relation between item codes and accounts, you can have a setup done automatically when opening new item. For Ex.: Item PostGrp Account I001 I001 660001 I002 I002 660002 I003 I003 660003 ... This should do up to 1000 items…