On Vendor Form - Where does Statistics information come from??

On the Vendor card - you click Vendor-> Statistics and on the Purchases tab there is top line → Purchase($) for the Month and Year to Date. Where is this information coming from?? I’d like to do a report for all Vendors based on that top line but having trouble getting the right information.

I looked at the Vendor table but those fields aren’t there. I looked at the Vendor Ledger Entry table but that just has invoice amounts and payment amounts.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance,


I believe I found it under Vendor Ledger Entries - Source Code= Purchases.


Hi Greg,

The information is from Vendor table it self. If you go to onaftergetrecord trigger of the form you will notice that the fields that belong to vendor tables are used which are mostly flowfields and which are filtered according to the period. I hope this helps.

6011.Report50024-Vendor_1YR_Purchases_By_Month.txt (9.72 KB)

check this report - It does purchases by vendor by month for a year

Thanks Harry.

Great code there.