On-time shipping report available?

I am looking in Nav 3.7 for some sort of report that will tell me what portion of our shipments is going out on time. I suppose that this has to happen based on line-by-line from the sales order, although it would perhaps be more useful to see something rolled up to the entire order (i.e. did ALL lines on this sales order ship on time?). I would prefer measurement against promise date, but I would take measures against customer requested date. For that matter, I would take measures against ANY date… I’ve looked but I don’t see anything built in on this topic. Any suggestions where I might have overlooked the right thing, before I proceed with a custom report? Thanks, Steve Hackney Canada

Steve, there is no standard report in Navision for your requirement regarding on-time shippments. As you describe yourself, different customers may have different “definitions” on how to measure “on time”, e.g. on sales lines basis, or complete order basis… Take into account that once the order is completely shipped the order itself gets deleted (T36/T37), therfore you’ll rather have to review sales shipment lines (T111) or item ledger entries (T32). Detailed definition of your customer’s requierements are very important. Saludos Nils

Thanks. I thought that this was the case, but I appreciate that you could confirm it. Regards, Steve

HI, Take a look on Report 108 - customer order detail, this report using shipment date for the measurement to check the backorder quantity.

Steve: The On-time Shipment is very easy to create in Navision using the Order Date and Shipment Date. Send you email and I’ll forward a copy of one I’ve designed. Steve