On Post Puchase Line's give one message

After Inser all purchase Lines, when I post my Purchase Order, on Receive I want to validade if there is any line wich Type = Resource, because if there is no line with Type = Resource, I want to infor user of That wit a message.

How can I do It? And Where?

You need to go through a NAV Development course, specifically the 2nd course. You should not be making these types of changes if you have not. It’s one thing to not know where to put the code, but quite another if you do not know how to use a simple IF statement and MESSAGE command.

Matt, t I know how to do the If conditio, the problem is Where, in what moment of Posting???

Purchase Order and Type=Resource - in which version did that become possible in standard NAV?

No Version Have that option, but I developed for some customers I have.

They need to by By Services.