On-line HTML help error $global_Hide

I’m writing helpfiles using Helpscribble. Export it to HTML-help. Open it with HTML-Help-workshop and compile it (result = .chm file). I create a .hh file in the same format Navision does. Finaly i put the files in the client folder. If i start the client it rebuilds help-index. BUT, if i press F1 in one of my new fields, i get the following message: – The window name “$global_Hide” passed to HH_GET_WIN_TYPE has not been specified – After that, the correct helpfile (.chm file) appears, but not with the right page. Can anyone here on-line help me?

No answer? Must be pretty unique for this forum. I can understand you cannot solve this specific problem but how do you handle helpfiles? - Do you create helpfiles with other tools? - Do you create helpfiles with the same tool but don’t have any problem? - Do you create helpfiles in the ‘old’ format? I would appreciate any information. Willy

If this is financials, then why not just use the Navision provided tools for writing help files. If this is for attain, just use company notes. _________________________ David Singleton Navision Consultant since 1991 dmks22@home.com___________

It is Attain. I’m talking about the On-line help to ship with our add-on so i don’t think company notes is the right way. We use helpscribble (for the old WinHelp files) because it is much more userfriendly then the tool Navision use (Robohelp?)

did you put a windows section in your .hhp file? it has to be something like this: [WINDOWS] $global_Main=“Navision Solutions Help”,“yourproject.hhc”,“yourproject.hhk”,“defaulttopic.htm”,0x1520,0x304e,[90,110,840,610],0x0,0x0,0,0,0,0 $global_Hide=“Navision Solutions Help”,“yourproject.hhc”,“yourproject.hhk”,“defaulttopic.htm”,0x1520,0x304e,[90,110,840,610],0x0,0x0,1,0,0,0 regards, -rodi

Hi, sorry for not sticking to the topic, but where can I find the help tool that Navision provides for financials… it’s definitly not on the product cd… thanks Nils

Yes, in general. What is the best technique for creating help files in Attain …and finding info about it ?


Originally posted by gco: Yes, in general. What is the best technique for creating help files in Attain …and finding info about it ?

There are some tools on the Attain 3.10 Tools CD. The ones you need: - Generate HTML Help Report - Gate - HTML Help Workshop - Robohelp project template (only to steal some project settings from the .hhp file. I don’t use RoboHelp, only HTML Help Workshop and a decent text editor…) - Object file wizard (if this doesn’t work for you, try to create the Object.txt with the Localization Workbench). I can’t really give you an exact description of how to create online help since, well… there’s just too much to tell! A good start would be to read the Navision Online Help Guide PDF. Although this 150 page document is based on the use of RoboHelp (which is pretty expensive…) and is pretty vague since (I think) it’s also written for the people of Navision a/s, it does give a pretty good idea of how Navision utilizes the online help system. The rest you can probably discover by trial & error for yourself. Worked for me… :slight_smile: One thing to remember, is that when you decompile a standard Navsion .chm file (like the master.chm whenever you want to insert your help module into the master project) with HTML Help Workshop, the .hhp project file for HTML Help Workshop is not returned. You have to reconstruct the .hhp file manually (look at the ProjectTemplate.hhp as an example). Regards, -Rodi Edited by - Rodi on 2002 Jul 17 08:36:21

HI All, I am also into making help file.I Hope we all can help each other. I also have some problem while using Gate.doc…I am comfortable in Robo help software but always stuck while compiling with Gate.doc Any help would really be appreciated.