On-line help 3.0

Hi, Does anybody know how to make on-line help in Attain 3.0? Willy

You find information about Company Notes in the help file itself (if it’s Company Notes Your’e looking for). In the first screen You see when You choose “Navision Solutions help” in the helpmenu there is a section describing Company Notes. //Lars

Company Notes only allow you to store some extra information in each help topic of the existing Attain help files. They were probably introduced solely because HTMLHelp lacks the Annotation-feature present in WinHelp. Several tools are available for creating 3.0-style (i.e. HTMLHelp) help files. I prefer Microsoft HTML Help Workshop, mostly because it’s free ;). I think NSW1 uses RoboHelp. After creating the custom help files, they need to be merged with the existing files. It seems that this requires decompiling master.chm, modifying its table of contents (master.hhc), and recompiling it. Anyone aware of a more elegant way? Kind regards, Jan Hoek Weha Automatisering BV Woerden - The Netherlands

I see, my question was not clear about this point, but i’m NOT looking for Company Notes. I want to create (add-on) help-files like Navision does. So any suggestions about tools and, as Jan says, the more elegant way to create them, are welcome Willy

Help Scribble seems to be a favorite amongst developers using this forum. You can find further information if you search for the topic “Writing Help Files for Navision” or you can go directly to their website at : www.jgsoft.com. Dean Edited by - Dean Axon on 2001 Aug 08 13:12:22

Except that the software from JGsoft is mainly intended for creating the old .hlp format. Attain uses .chm and you need to decompile the master.chm, and use Microsoft HTML Workshop. Luckily it has become much easier creating help for Attain than it was in Financials. For debugging information start you client with the ShowHelpID=1 parameter. Soren Nielsen, moderator Integration/Developer NOLUG

Navision are recommending Robohelp version 9.1. Per.Bay@navigera.com Product Manager www.navigera.com