On-hand stock with positive days


I have a problem where several bought-out raw materials have future messages against on-hand stock. The message says that the stock is delayed by 40748 days (and counting …) which gives the original requested date 02/01/1900

Consequently finished items made out of these materials also have future messages against the on-hand stock.

Any ides why it is happening, and how to sort it out?

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You would need to tell us your settings for the item, item coverage etc. Then the supply and demand balance etc. Otherwise I can just say it is related to the data!

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Coverage group setting:

Time fence, explosion, capacity - 180 days, Cov. code Period (30 days), positive days 180, dynamic negative days 5 (lead time 30 working days), no safety margins, action messages based on futures date, no safety stock.

Reference Number Account number Requirement date Req. quantity Accumulated Action date Action quantity Futures date Line status Plan Reference Coverage planned Coverage status Oper. No. Level Route number Futures Days To date
On-hand 3983 3983 Dynamic On-hand 2578 Positive 2 Delayed 40749 27/07/2011
Production line 46147 25/07/2011 -814 3169 814 On order Dynamic Production line -814 Zero 10 2 Delayed 2 27/07/2011
Production line 46327 04/08/2011 -189 2980 189 On order Dynamic Production line -189 Zero 10 2
BOM line 21173367_083 18/08/2011 -46 2934 Dynamic BOM line -46 Zero 10 2
BOM line 21173138_083 26/08/2011 -47 2887 Dynamic BOM line


I see nothing wrong with the settings, you have a positive days of 180, and a negative days of 5 and you have dynamic, which would mean if the requirement moved in you would always get a new suggestion to purchase unless the remaining lead time was 5 or less. Seems with a 30 day lead time and a 5 day negative any movement in the purchase would create a new order. Not a fan of this approach for purchasing, but has merits on production items.

If you have no safety stock then it is pure demand, even though you are bucketing by 30 day periods, again no issue.

So the suggestion of movement back to 1900 - I cannot see this in the example you have provided and it seems to be cut off. Can you upload a screen shot of the requirements and pegging where it is suggesting the purchase 100 years ago?

Below the print screen of net requirements with pegging of on-hand stock


And message from the futures tab


The net requirements link is not working

What version is this? I see you have modified this then?

sorry about it


What modifications have you done to the planning engine?

I would start by setting the negative days to 180 and seeing what difference happens.

I cannot tell from the screen shots but I guess you have 0 on hand and 0 on order, the system is suggesting a planned order and then doing something odd with it. It seems it is a cyclical backwards loop based upon the requirement, lead time and negative days, so I would set my negative days to 180 to start with.