On Hand Menu item

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I have creted a form where i’ll select item with item dimensions. For this particular item i have to view on hand in the same form itself. So i included OnHand menuitem. But it is called with InventMovement class. I have initialized in init() , added updateDesign method and InventDimSetup method as i viewed this procedure in most of the forms.Am still getting error as"Inventory transactions are not supported for this posting". Pls help me to get out of this issue.

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Use display menuItem - InventOnHandItem -( See InventDimCombination form)

Are you updating InventDimId in your table?

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Yes, updating InventDimId in the table… I tried using InventOnHandItem menu item. The thing is it will show all the dimensions related to that item. but what i needed is on hand for item with particular configurations… for that am trying this… i checked with Inventmovement Class where i think issue with Construct() and ConstructOnThrow()… So not getting what to be done exactly to get that form.