On hand inventory in fixed asset

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Is it true that after fixed assets items is acquired, we can not monitor the on hand inventory ?

I see the on hand inventory of the items, and it’s 0. Even i sell the assets.

The 2nd question is , i still could not understand the business logic, why the axapta can not monitor the on hand inventory after the items are acquired.

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If you are acquiring asset through PO then AX uses the item on PO as temporary item. When you invoice the PO, inventory receipt account is debited and at the same time inventory issue account is credited. Physically, or financially item is cleared, so there is no on hand inventory.

Assets are maintained in Fixed Asset register. You can check the asset related details there.



Thanks for your explaination,

So for example i register 10 assets from PO in fixed assets register for example the register number is E-001. Even i sell one of my assets in E-001, There is no inventory on hand in this assets number. is it ?

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As said, if you look at the PO vouchers, inventory issue transaction is posted with the purchase receipt, so there is no inventory left.

Assets are sold using FT Invoice. inventory is not involved there.

Also, its always suggested to have quantity as 1 on PO when FA is acquired. FA register should have all the assets recorded individually.


You can not track Fixed Assets in Inventory Module. This is working as designed. If there is a need to track Fixed Assets in Inventory Module then customisation is required.

Hi Pranav,

Imran here, regarding on your explanation above. wanted to know further → how about fix asset created into AX but not yet Acquired? is it count as FA and do we track the qty?

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