on Form Grid Selection shold reamin as it is.

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i have invoked one form from current form, but when i close that 2nd form then grid on first form will get refresh,

my question is,

on first form how shold focus/selection should remain as it is after i close 2nd form?

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Override the Clicked method the button(form) you have added to the form1.

give auto declaration property of grid to Yes.

and add this code after super(); call in the clicked method - grid.setfocus();

Hi Kranthi,

I want to focus on perticular salesLine not on that grid.

it is possible by creating doReread method but dont know exactly how!!

do you have any idea about how to create doReread method?

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Got the solution,

i have found one method is : “public boolean findRecord(Common record)”

this method Finds the specified record in the data source and makes it the current one.

so as we are modifying current line, after that we use reread method, this will make first record to current one. so before calling reread you assign current line number to variable and then perform reread, at the end pass that variable to above method so your focus will remain on current line only

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The grid will contain the records.

Have you checked with grid.setfocus();

It should work…

yes Kranthi i have chacked. it is setFocus to that grid i.e. salesLineGrid, but not to perticular salesLine in that grid.

Thank you for your replay.