OLEDB Provider for Navision (native)

Hi I’m using the C/ODBC to connect from VB6 and VBA into Navision with ActiveX Data Objects. It works rather OK except for speed. Since Microsoft says that OLEDB is faster than ODBC, it would be perfect if either Microsoft or Navision had an OLEDB Provider (for Navision 2.6 native database). Shouldn’t be to hard really, especially since MS took over Navison !! My Navision-vendor is a bit slow on this issue, so I hope someone out there know something. If it doesn’t exist, when could we expect MS to get this up (or would MS focus only on SQL server…) Arild.

Hi, Firstly, OLEDB is not faster than ODBC. The are both just API’s (ODBC being by far the simpler) and the speed of either depends on the implementation for a particular data source. There is no speed benefit, for example, when using the SQL Server OLEDB provider over the ODBC driver. OLEDB is the more advanced of the interfaces, offers more functionality, is COM based and (more) object oriented. It is also much harder to implement a provider for it than an ODBC driver. I wouldn’t hold your breath waiting for an OLEDB provier for Microsoft Navision Attain Database Server, even though Microsoft is behind the wheel.

C/Front via the OCX interface may be a better option for you. Besides faster speed one of the advantages you’ll gain is the ability field validations which you don’t get with C/ODBC. Django