Old user accounts and posts from MBS Online soon to be online here!

As I write this post the conversion job is still running, but you can already see many of the old foras online here, as well as all our old member database. So where as we yesterday was “only” approx. 3500 members, then today you will see all approx. 26000 members. As the old site had 24500, then it shows us that we had at least 1500 real new members the last year and approx. 2000 was also active in the old site.

If your user name was the same on the old site as it is here on the site, then all your old posts will be listed under your account automatically. If you changed your user name when you created your new account here on this site, then your posts are not listed under your!

Later I hope we will be able to introduce a merge function so we can merge the different old accounts with the new.

Dang it… I wish I remember what my old user id was…

hehhh, i took the same nick… will you merge accounts Eric or what? you’ll have problems with same nicknames but, I guess, you already know that…

Ehh, what do you mean? I was Admin on the old site - and I’m Admin on the new site. Just using the option of a “Display Name” you have in your User Profile setup.

Will you merge accounts? Will I see my (e.g.) posts from mbsonline here as mine on dynamicsuser too?

Or there will be to “phenomenon” users… display name is irelevant.

Yes if your user name is the same, then you will see all posts from MBSOnline merged into the same user name here on Dynamics Users. If you used a differnt user name here, then you will need a manual merge.

Take a look at this thread http://dynamicsusers.org/forums/thread/47612.aspx you will ee that your posts are already merged. [<:o)]

Hehhh, great [<:o)]

Well, I didn’t have too much posts on mbsonline but suppose that some of you did and since I get used to your present nicknames/names…

btw, small logical inconsistency (and you can see it on a thread that you linked)

Post date:18-04-2005

Join date: 09-06-2006



Yes I’m aware of this little “inconsistancy” - I would love to see my own October 1995 date in there…