OLB versus Automation objects

Hi, I have a question regarding Automation Objects. I have 2 issues here: 1. On my computer I have installed Windows 2002. I created a CodeUnit what is taking care of sending emails. I am using automation object 'MSWORD.OLB (at least it seems to be, if I check the source with my VB Library tool). In Navision it says ‘Microsoft Word 10.0 Object Library’. However I need to have ‘Microsoft Word 9.0 Object Library’ in order to run it on a computer with Windows 2000. What are the steps to install ‘MSWORD9.OLB’ (thats the one for Windows 2000). I tried to copy it over in Microsofs Word directory where the 2002 is installed: c:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office10, but no result. 2. It seems to be that, when I’m using Outlook 2002, when I try to email a document, it all the time asks a security related question before I can continue emailing. It is annoying and I would like to turn it off. The message is: ‘A program is trying to access email addresses you have stored in Outlook. Do you want to allow this?’ All help would be really appreciated. Thanks! Roelof de Jong.

  1. you will have to search through the registry and somewhere lies the registration of the controls. sorry, i cant remebmer where it was. there should be 2 of them one with the old and one with the new version. delete the old one and it should work 2. im suffering the same problem but i guess its a setting inside outlook and i couldnt find it either.

Hi, 1) If you want to manually install a DLL, OCX or the like, you need to execute “regsvr32 filename” from the command prompt to get the automation objects contained in the file registered. I haven’t tried this with an OLB yet, but in principle, this should do the job. 2) This link contains a lot of information on this fantastic feature [xx(]: http://www.outlookcode.com/d/sec.htm