OLAP Cube creation failed


I try to create a cube file using tool which is downloded from olapcube.com. It is giving error and also i have few clarifications. if anyone have ideas about this could you please reply it.

1.I am not able to view the Stored Procedure Name when i connected to SQL Server.
However I am able to see tables and views name. Is it restricted ?

2.I used SQL view which having groups for a cube. When i try to build the cube it through error.

  1. How to do % calculation example:

Total Records: 100

Column X Y

Row 1 10 5
Row 2 20 30

For the above data O/P should come like below but it is not coming.

Column X Y

Row 1 10 % 5 %
Row 2 20 % 30 %

For the % calculation it tooks row count of particular columns.
It is not taking total records which is pulled to reoprts.

  1. Is there any parameter option so i can run pass the value to filter the records.

  2. Can i invoke the olap cube any of java applications or other applications .

  3. Is there available any variable concept so i can utilise in the calculations wherever i required.


Babu N